Depression + Suicide

The following is a response to the two recent major headlines of suicidal deaths: Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. My condolences to their family, friends, and loved ones. I felt compelled to share my experience to fight the stigma that depression isn't too far from any of us. Life is hard, and those who seem fine … Continue reading Depression + Suicide



Nothing grows your faith like an unending rain. For days, wetness all around. Dripping, swirling, seeping, drenching, driving, and pouring out over every possible thing. Just when you think it lets up, it comes down harder and harder. A downpour like this is when someone came up with the phrase, "When it rains, it pours." … Continue reading Weatherproof

Turn the Tide

I was riding my bike home from the library, my toddler in tow in the trailer behind me.  My legs were feeling heavy on the uphill climb, and as I descended I saw a vehicle parked in a driveway with a boldly typed script on the side of the car. I cannot remember exactly what … Continue reading Turn the Tide

Love + Death

Love is such an overused word. Even when I speak the words "I love you" it feels flighty, not in my intentions, but because the receiver may not absorb the weight of the words. We've made love into a bargaining and deceitful word, instead of the unconditional and honest word it actually is. It is … Continue reading Love + Death

Final Days

When I was a kid, I use to think that if I knew when I was going to die, I would spend my last days at Disneyland. Fast-forward to now, I would spend my last days with my family. Jesus spent his final days in uncommon and unselfish ways, driven and purposeful, portraying the posture of … Continue reading Final Days

Not What It Seems

As we enter into holy week, all the stories leading up to Jesus death are sacred to us. We see the triumphal entry, the last supper, and the betrayals of Jesus' closest friends building up to the horrific slaying of the Lamb. The last days of Jesus' life were ordinary for the disciples; they had … Continue reading Not What It Seems

Entering In

We're almost at the end of lent which means we're entering into holy week. As I think about the past holiday season, Christmas is a full time of many gatherings to celebrate Christ's coming to earth. Yes, there is hope and meaning in his coming to earth. For if he did not come, then he … Continue reading Entering In