Hi! I’m New Here

Welcome to my blog! These are the writings and beginnings of a soul being renewed daily. From every day experiences, to inspiration, encouragement, and challenges, these are the words from a heart seeking after God. As I struggle through living an intentional life on earth, I aim to glorify God through my journey and help champion all of creation to turn to the One who formed, fashion, and satisfies.

My name is Kellie Cornelison. I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, a very hot and dry place that everyone seems to love, but I always disliked. I learned to embrace the poky cactus and swallowing mountains, and appreciate it’s unique beauty. My husband, Stephen, and I met in accounting class, fell in love that summer after finishing systematic theology, got married two years later, and now we’re on our fifth anniversary, celebrating our 1 year-old boy, Oliver. There were lots of bumps, valleys, mountaintops, excursions, through and in between our story up to now. These entries are a lot of me breaking down and peeling a part my life, with interruptions of my adventures in motherhood. Thank you for joining me. I pray and hope you are blessed by this blog.


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