4 Reasons to Have a Mentor

4 Reasons to Have a Mentor

In college, I really admired my professor in a writing class I took. Her stance and view on the world was something I respected, admired, and come to lean on as I was trudging through my senior year. I debated with myself back and forth about asking her to be my mentor, so many excuses, “She’s too busy” (like I know her schedule), “she won’t want to,” and so on. I finally convinced myself to ask her, and when started going to coffee every few weeks to talk about life and it’s challenges. I just wanted to be better, and I gleaned so much even for our short-term mentoring relationship. She helped me in my engagement period and newly-wed stage of life, and was a major encouragement and wise voice during some tough times.

I believe having a mentor is so important for anyone at any age.

4 Reasons Why to Have a Mentor:

1 – Mentoring helps you do life. When you’re conversing with someone who’s been through the life experience you’re currently facing, their perspective is so helpful having already been through the situation or challenge you’re currently enduring. I think that’s reason enough to get a mentor! The can let you know things will work out despite the amount of stress you’re under. The reassure you when you’re making the right decision, or help you figure out you’re making a big mistake! Why not have someone talk you down a life altering decision? They can shed light and wisdom in situation where you’re just blindly crawling.

2 – Mentoring challenges you. Oh how good and yet hard this can be. A mentor will help you see some extra prospect in yourself you never knew was there, or only dared to hope was there. They will encourage you to take risk, overcome an obstacle, or prod you to establish more discipline in your craft. The challenge can come in many ways, but mostly just helping you see life from an angle you can’t quite wrap your mind around without them. It’s my favorite part of having a mentor.

3 – Mentoring is a safe place. Having someone who won’t judge you when you need to unload and just listen to you spill out your guts is so amazing! No, mentors are not professional counselors, but they can definitely steer you in the right direction. A mentor will be the caring heart, an active listener, and will help you process through life’s hardships.

5 – Mentoring improves your quality of life. One you get a mentor, you will wonder why you never had one before! They aren’t just a glorified friendship, they will become a main line for you to tap into as you continue on through life, and will most likely be your biggest fan. A mentor will help you be the best version of yourself, and will be that aide to push you to pursue dreams and goals that you didn’t know you were capable of. It will only bring you joy and a valuable perspective on the world.


Do you have a mentor? How has having a mentor benefitted you?


3 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Have a Mentor

  1. What an awesome post! I’ve seen the power of mentorship in my life and have dedicated myself to sharing that experience with others. Mentoring is the best parts of networking, socializing, leading, and learning all bundled together with a uniquely personal touch. Great truth and well said, Kellie

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