Finishing Strong


I’m at a crossroad again in life. These are the most exciting yet boring periods on the journey. Exciting because there’s opportunity and newness ahead, but boring because you’re waiting and there’s not a lot going on in these moments of standstill. When you have no idea when the it’s going to be the right time to move, or you’re waiting on the confirmation from God to go. Either way, it’s the waiting room, the calm before the storm, and the introduction to the next book and there’s not a lot going on. Should I start these little projects here and there to keep me busy? Do I continue on like normal or start to shut down and tune out so that I can be completely and easily ready to jump into what’s ahead? It can be quite confusing, frustrating, and depressing.


When I quit the restaurant business to enter into the health industry, it was a long 2 week notice. Knowing my schedule, the pace, and the overarching atmosphere of my job was going to radically change was so exciting. I wouldn’t have these awful late nights anymore, or the complaints of guests, or the restaurant culture that’s very negative and wearing. But we’re called to give 100% in our day to day for the Lord because that is who we are truly working for and living for. It’s tough, showing up even though it may not benefit you tomorrow, but remembering it all matters to God.


Instead of shutting down, turn all the lights on and press in. It takes a lot of energy and focus, but it will only make you better and bless those around you. Isn’t it when worship counts the most, when things are hard and uncomfortable? Right now I want to peace-out emotionally and mentally, but I need to dig my heals in and work just as hard as I did before I knew change was ahead. Finish the project. Prep for tomorrow. Do it all, and apply the same amount of effort Friday as Monday because God is watching, we’re entertaining angels, and it is helping us trust and rely on our God more than ever before.


Jesus didn’t check out when he neared the cross. Jesus didn’t stop pouring into the disciples when he knew his time had come. He continued to fellowship with them, pray with and for them, advise them, and love on them. Seeing how he continued to press in even in the midst of suffering is reason enough for us to engage despite whatever comes our way. We must press on and lay aside all hindrances, looking unto Jesus. In this we can be encouraged to not grow weary or fainthearted (Hebrews 12).


How are you finding it hard to be present in your current circumstances?



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