The Calling


It’s amazing how we get so caught up in figuring out our “calling” as believers. There are industries establish to make money off of our searching for meaning and purpose. Whether it’s college or graduate school, advertisements all over the city I live in with themes around “make your dreams come true now,” playing of our disney-raised generation of the subconscious focus on “happily ever after.” When I became a mother, one of the most pivotal moments of my life thus far, I also felt part of me die. You hear a lot about mom’s who enter into post-partum depression or find parenthood unfulfilling because they worked full-time prior, had successful careers, or just by leaving a job that kept them “busy,” the pace of motherhood is quite the shock to the system. Not that there isn’t beauty in being a mom, and that they don’t absolutely love their kids, but they had so much of their emotions and focus put in the basket of their work, that stepping into full-time or even part-time staying at home feels like a drop off to nothing. I could rant on and on about how motherhood is a very productive part to society ( I’ll save that for another blog).


I think ultimately what the problem is, for any of us, whether you are male or female, and you’ve changed careers, or you’re stuck in a dead end job, or you’ve just been layed off, and you have that “unemployed” label hanging over your head. Finding your calling can be serious and life-crippling issue that can has been mispreach and taught on in the Church for years. The search for that “one calling” can cause much depression, heartache, pain, substance abuse, and/or social issues for the rest of one’s life. I know people who think even “one I get married” or “once I have children” or “once I retire” or “when I get to a six-digit salary,” whatever it is we feel God is calling us to do.


My Beth Moore devotional has been so timely lately, and I want to share what this woman has rocked me with this morning. “our calling is to be surrendered to God… God did not want me to get “hung up” on the kind of assignment He would give me… I assumed speaking was my calling. God soon made very clear, however, that my calling was to surrender my life every day to His will, to be His woman, and to do what He asked, whatever that was” (Portraits of Devotions, p.218).


Your calling is to surrender. That’s it. It’s not to find that path to success in ____ (fill the blank in with spouse, career, financial peak, pregnancy, social status, etc.). It is to daily, cast all your fears, worries, hopes, dreams, ideas, and desire on Him and make His Will your Will. Make His desires your desires. To marry your soul’s yearnings to His love for you. When you realize how much He loves you and the amazing plans he has for you, you won’t want anything else. When you start to realize how this earth is set in motion for us to enjoy, it brings it all into perspective. He sacrificed His one and only Son for you and me, He loves us that much and has a grand purpose for us. That makes it easy to say yes to do the hard things, it makes it almost enjoyable! We can have assurance He has a unique purpose for our lives. It makes all the moments precious and magnified with beauty because we are created for His glory, no matter what we’re doing.


Do you think you have struggled with finding your calling and/or placed your identity in your career or life-stage?


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