When I Don’t Feel Enough

As wife, mother, sister, daughter-in-law, and friend, I often find myself feeling like I’m not doing enough in my relationships, in plain words: I’m failing. It’s a quick leap from feeling bad for not texting someone back, forgetting their birthday, or not remembering an important life event for someone you care about for that to slowly roll into an identity crisis. I believe this stems from my legalistic upbringing. I could rant on and on how abusive, dangerous, exhausting, condemning, etc. this malfunction of the Christian faith is, but instead I’ll refer to Truth in God’s Word and what He has to say over it.

I’m studying Hebrews lately, and it is such an overwhelming rich and meaty book of the Bible. Hebrews 6, specifically hit home. The context of Hebrews is a leader in the church writing to christians experiencing trials and exhorting with theology. Chapters 5-7 describe Jesus as the high priest. What does this mean for us? One couldn’t enter God’s presence without a ceremonial sacrifice. Daily, ritualistic sacrifices were no longer necessary. Jesus Christ is not only our high priest but He was/is the sacrifice that redeemed us from ever needing to think about slaying a perfect lamb again. He bridged the gap for us to have communion & fellowship with God. He intercedes for us and gives us direct access to our father God. I don’t think we will truly realize what all this means until we get to heaven, but I know a quick reading through the Old Testament definitely gives me a greater appreciation that sacrifices and rituals are no longer a part of the believer’s requirements for holiness. The only requirement we have is belief, faith in Jesus Christ! Wow.

What does that mean for me in my roles here on earth? My performance is no longer necessary. My completion of tasks, my success in relationships, the accolades or attention I may or may not receive don’t matter. All that matters is my love and devotion to Christ who reclaims my sinful, failed attempts to be human. So automatically, each day I can wake up to God’s presence, not needing to wash my hands or to burn incense or “perform” so God is pleased with me. He looks upon my life and is overjoyed because of Jesus’ work. So I don’t need to look at my loads of unfolded laundry, my calendar with missed birthdays, or the email inbox that is full and feel like I am failing in my humanity. Jesus is the enough, with Him I am enough.

What or who makes you feel like you’re not enough?


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