Circling the Dream


Fast-forward several months, and here I am moved across the country, only to be not in North Carolina, but Arlington, VA because God had other plans. My husband walked in on a Monday morning (sometime in November) to notify his boss he was leaving to work for another organization, so we could move out of AZ, and she counter-offered with another job AND a promotion in Washington D.C. Only God, people, only God. It’s been a wild-ride, and lots of tears and prayers along the way.


Packing up the house and saying goodbye felt like eternity. Our roots were deep in Phoenix, Arizona. Both my parents were born and raised in AZ, both of Stephen’s parents as well, and that’s all we ever have known. It was really easy to live there, anywhere we went we knew someone who knew so-and-so. We’ve been dreaming of leaving for a long time, but the timing was never right. We didn’t even know where we wanted to go! A place with four seasons was about all we knew. God knew the D.C. area was what is best for us. It still hasn’t settled in that we’re here. We had our first snow yesterday, and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s like the earth telling us to slow down, read more books, drink more coffee, and rest in the death of all the old things.


What’s not to so ironic is the fact we’re in the area Mark Batterson’s church is, so of course we tried his church last week and this week! We are praying to find community and our purpose now on the East Coast. Our prayers have only increased, for us, our future community and ministry, and for our son Oliver to learn and grow.


Making this book’s theme and our prayers to come “full circle” (pun intended): Praying through consistently and persistently has been such a game-changer for Stephen and I. Oh wow. But we are seeing the magical thread of God weaving in and out of our stories. It is easy to lose sight of that thread! Praying and connecting with each other, reminding ourselves of the goals, dreams, and desires God has placed in our hearts. It is so easy to get side-tracked. I am the worst at that! Praying before decisions, even the simplest and smallest have radically improved my steps to follow God and find a path that is more satisfying and joyful for myself and everyone I know.


Change isn’t something that happens to you, you have to step out and do something different in order for life to be shaken up a bit. We were reminded of that at the service today, why we were here and what happened in the last few months. It was encouraging and invigorating. We’re also social media fasting (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), so we can drown out the noise and all those voices that get in the way of God guiding us in this new season. We have other opportunities on the horizon, but we don’t want to just jump and say yes without intentionally praying for God’s yes and the clear green light to pursue what’s next. We’re so ready to get started, but we’re slowing down and leaning in to hear His whispers and words of truth.


What changes are you making this year?


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