Dear Self


Dear Self,

You had a difficult and doubting day today. I am writing to remind you truth. You seem to have forgotten who you are as you get lost in the overwhelming stress and hopelessness of today. There’s a mocking voice from within and/or from the Enemy telling you that you deserve less than what Christ paid for you. There are lies that seem to have been reworded to mislead you into thinking you have no purpose. There’s a strong feeling of self-loathing of what you are not. A train of thought that keeps spiraling through you that is you are a bother and unimportant, and you are not truly loved by others around you. The only way you can get yourself out of that deep and dark cave is with these words of truth:

Before the world was set in place, you were chosen. And not only were you chosen, but a purpose and plan for your life was outlined out and anointed. Not only were are you called a child of God but adopted, translating the legal permanence of your family. The process was purchased by a holy and unblemished blood and body, only from Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son. Jesus was sacrificed for You, an offering laid on the altar, by which You have permanent access to the Father. You have 24/7 contact to Him, a forever listener and friend. Even though He knows your mistakes and how You would betray Him, He mapped out this journey of redemption through His Son’s earthly life, burial, and resurrection. Jesus whole-heartedly chose this path for you. He is equal with the Father, yet lowered Himself to the life of a servant so you could reign with Him one day.The grace He gives you is poured generously and overwhelmingly, so you may intimately know through experience the beauty of His redemptive plan. God has give you these glorious gifts and blessings as part of your heritage as a daughter; therefore, you have hope and glorify Him through your testimony.Not only are you given eternal life through faith in His Son, you are filled with the Holy Spirit who will lead and guide you. You are never alone.

So self, whenever you are down, or you have days when you feel like there’s no hope, read this note and never ever doubt your purpose or calling.




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