It’s easy to feel the mountain to face today is insurmountable. 🏔 When I think of brave women before me, I think of courageous warriors like Ida B. Wells and her relentless pursuit to fight injustice in various ways, at a time when women seemed voiceless. Of modern women like Senator Elizabeth Warren, yesterday silenced to read Coretta King’s letter (MLK’s wife) in debate. Presently, there are countless women overseas every second forced to abide, objectified, and/or violated every moment of every day. My heart cries for all these women. At the same time, there’s a fire inside my soul ignited by the One who hears cries from all timelines and ages, who remembers each voice and has not forgotten their screams and pleas. (Psalm 18) If you feel silenced, hopeless, and overwhelmed already today, know He inclines His ear to you. He listens, He offers comfort, relief, and justice. I will continue to laugh at the times to come because I have HOPE that does not disappoint. (Proverbs 31 and Romans 8 and 15). There’s also a strong power promised to you to overcome that mountain (Ephesians 1). Like these women in history, we will hike up our skirts and press onward and not lose focus on what truly matters. 💪🏻 


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