We move across the country, now what? I’ve been struggling to see and find what God has next for me this season. Besides being a mom, trudging these deeper than imagined waters of toddler tantrums, emotional coaching, and still some sleepless nights, as well as being a wife to Stephen. I know there’s something out there to perfectly suit my passion to be more like Jesus, help others discover their identity in Christ, the desire to create, and to champion women. I am assuming writing and blogging is a piece of this new avenue I haven’t quite come across. In all honesty, I don’t know what God has for me yet. I am thrilled but also scrambling to try to figure it out on my own, and probably getting way too distracted by the many options for the “stay at home mom,” or “the mom who seeks to work from home.” So much crap. Everywhere. Some if it works really well for others, and some it is just a big fat scam that preys on poor moms who are seeking for purpose, productivity, and an outlet to socialize and create! I realize I need to rest and wait on Him to clearly show me what that is, but right now there’s a lot of hazy going on.

I get frustrated with myself for not being more patient. I know it is totally a product of our culture, where everything is at our finger tips, and all those marketing lines that we all fall prey to, urging us to act NOW, use this and you will accomplish ‘x’ NOW, and that the world and fortune is immediately accessible at your finger tips. Basically, anything that is on social media is probably not something God is calling me or you to RIGHT NOW. I feel hurried though, and because I am impatient I scramble to pick up anything that would be close to something I think God wants me to do. S L O W down, be quiet, and pray. Seriously.

When I think about men and women in the Bible, all of them were at some point WAITING for God’s leading or plan for their lives. Abraham and Sarah were awaiting the blessing of future offspring to fulfill God’s promise (Genesis 15:1-6). The Israelites enslaved in Egypt, crying out to God for freedom (Exodus 2:23-25). Israel looking forward to the fulfilled promised-land while wandering through the wilderness for 40 years (Joshua 1:3,11). David  was expectant upon God’s timing and leading to place him as king. David knew he was going to be king, and he had many opportunities to overthrow and kill Saul but waited for the Lord’s timeframe. Talk about patience and obedience! Jesus, God’s own son, anticipating for the exact hour for God to fulfill His plan of redemption for all humanity. What a humbling example So many more amazing stories of courage, patience, humility, wisdom, diligence, and faith.

So where does that place me? I am inclining my ear to the Lord, reading his word, seeking His wisdom and voice, and doing my best to drown out all those overwhelming  murmurs that are a diversion from the direction He has called me to. It is MY course, not my friend’s, my mom’s, or my sister’s friend’s cousin’s journey! It is very easy to look at someone else’s race and wish it were mine, or think that their’s is better. It is easy to listen to someone else tell you how to run like they run! I am praying to know who I am in Christ, then I will know what I am suppose to do. That every word and guidance will be His, not what I want it to be, or what someone or some other voice claims it should be. That my desires will be His desires. That I will love and serve where I am at, and that I will be faithful in the little things.

What does NEXT look like for you?



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