Growing Up


I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I’m the queen of trying new things, and I also like sticking to them. I adapt really well, but I also love rhythm, schedules, and rituals. It’s a mix of my mom and dad. My dad is an early-adopter, he use to buy the latest gadgets and technology. He has traveled all over the world and tries new foods daily. My mom is a habitual person. She loves her 5 mile-radius, her 4 children within a 15 minute drive, the same route to church and the mall, and her 1990’s style home and kitchen (she absolutely loves it & wouldn’t change it). I have learned to live both ways. I think I definitely lean a little more like my dad when it comes to pursuing what’s next. I realize I need to slow down and enjoy the now, even though everything in me is looking to future and change (that could also be the millennial in me).

I have had many jobs and roles. Besides college and student life, I have been a barista (multiple times and different businesses), a to-go specialist, a server, a restaurant manager, a shift-supervisor, a juice bottler, a teacher (I taught junior high physical science), an actress (paid and unpaid), a children’s theater director, a clothing stylist (Ann Loft), and an administrative assistant.

I am now a wife and I stay at home with my son, Oliver. I’ll be honest, I don’t like staying home. Not only for the negative stigma, (so what do you do all day? don’t get me started) but I feel (key word here) like I’m wasting the talents and gifts I have. Yes, I know I am doing a very important job: Raising a human, hoping (and fervently praying) he will turn into a great adult that influence and benefits society. I wish it was just as satisfying to me. God is helping me learn to live this lifestyle, and I don’t think my passions, dreams, and hopes will always be put on hold. For now, those will wait and I will sacrifice until Oliver starts school, or if and when we are done having children (not sure when, how many, biological or foster/adopt). I have outlets. I keep myself busy. I read and write, dialogue with others, volunteer when I can, and go out for coffee or wine or both (yes and amen). It doesn’t mean I love staying at home. And  I am just realizing that’s okay.

Is there an area in your life you don’t like that you are surrendering to God?

An Awesome book to help get through these areas we don’t like:



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