Daffodil, Rise

This was my Insta post 6 days ago:


These daffodils are popping up everywhere, breaking through the browns and greys of winter, pulling up and out all the greens, pinks, whites along with them. It might as well be spring 🌸 (but it might snow this weekend, which I’m okay with. I love cold 🙌🏻). These daffodils remind me to spring up whether wanted or not, bring life, breath into a world that feels jaded, dark, and hopeless. These flowers rise to the occasion, enhancing the beauty in all newness springing along with them.
Dare to be a daffodil. 🌼 Unashamedly.

(I would love it if you come along life’s journey through the IG lens here: https://www.instagram.com/kelliecornelison/)

Now those daffodils are covered in snow. Yep, Northern Virginia and much of the East Coast received from little (we got 4 inches) to loads of snow this week. I am not complaining! I am not ready for spring, then summer, or any form of warmth. I love layering up scarves, jackets, and hats, breathing deep the chilling air, large pots of hot coffee, and the various joys and lessons winter brings.



Those poor daffodils are wilting. You can see them behind my son and I. Daffodils are known to grow late winter and early spring. They last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. The bulb will eventually fall off, but the leaves will stay while the plant rebuilds its bulb for the next year. These flowers amazing me. They are early spring flowers, popping up before their peers. Despite the weather conditions, they blossom. They may lose their bulb for a time, but they continue to build themselves up for the next season. I can’t stop gleaning from these little plants. I am in season of waiting, and as I am currently anticipating God’s next move in my life, it is tempting to grow weary. Some days, I want to check out and not steward well my mind, heart, or body. It takes everything within me to get up, get on my knees and surrender. I know these are the moments that count the most. I must continue to build my bulb, to be ready to bloom despite the weather conditions, and wait for the right timing. It can be monotonous, lonely, and exhausting, yet I know the Lord will continue to strengthen me (and energize me with those large pots of coffee). I know this is another season of preparation for the snow storms or the heat waves. As we wait for God’s move in our hearts and our lives, He uses this time to strengthen and build us up to face whatever new and exciting challenge or adventure is next in our life’s journey.

If you are in a season of waiting, what are you learning or receiving?

If you are not in a season of waiting, what newness are you experiencing in your walk with Christ?


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