Discontented Content

We take pictures and critique them 

We all just want to be liked 

We hire pro photographers that snap

Candid photos don’t suffice

We yearn for love and acceptance

We just want to be seen, heard, and followed

We post for the phantom earnings

We filter, edit, and stage, hoping it is hallowed


Manufacturing content is mantra

But it doesn’t satisfy our yearnings

We slowly succumb to pride & idolatry

Our souls are burdened and burning

We forget Who’s we are, lost in our platforms.

The struggle is real, the struggle is self-induced

Riding the volatile cycle of self-preservation

We recreated our image, who we are, reduced.

The only way to break it is to break open

To relinquish our ambition to be followed

And Follow the One who’s worthy to hope in.

We’re the created settling for discontent

Dismissing the Image we’re created in

Continually creating and producing content

editing and tweaking what was perfected

Sacrificing the sacred for short-lived sentiment.


Let us turn our hearts to Whom perfected the imperfect

Let us tune out what is fleeting and overwhelming

Let us cling to Love who Accepts all despite brokenness

He is the One who frees souls from all that overwhelms.




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