For Women

I have a dream that God will help me connect, unite, promote, and encourage women in the Church. I see so many women walking through the front doors of the church eager to help and be involved in Kingdom work. They are usually turned to children’s ministry or hospitality ministry, completely stereotyped into the 1950’s role of what a woman’s created to do. So many women are silently suffering and quickly growing cold spiritually from the lack of opportunity to use their gifts and talents within the four-walls of the church. Many of them take that energy outside of the building and use them in their jobs or home-life, finding a small amount of fulfillment within that, but still not fully enjoying or utilizing their potential.


Women don’t follow the voice or call of God because the Church spills buckets of water upon that once delicately lit flame that burned for His glory. We are undermining and extinguishing God’s very purpose for women in the church when we deny them a spot at the table of leadership. I see it in women everywhere, they are more than capable to lead large groups of men and women, instead they are teaching in children’s church or pouring grape juice for communion cups. It’s beautiful, and God uses it to bless little and big ones. Certainly, the Lord works all for good. What about the men and women who are in need of life-giving and truth-centered words delivered by these women who are distinctly called to prophesy and preach to the masses? God knows and sees, but I truly believe the Church is only functioning to 50% of its capacity when we under-utilize the body of Christ. We often craft our sermons and messages to jumpstart men to step up, serve, or listen to the call of God on their lives to go into ministry, but what about the ready and available women who are devouring God’s word & earnestly seeking His direction in their lives?

My dream is through whatever ministry I am someday called to be a part of, it will help not only equip and train women for ministry but position and place them in areas where they can use all their gifts and talents; furthermore, obey God’s pre-birth calling placed on their lives. One of the main avenues of this cause is helping women find mentors who will support and champion them on their path. I wrote briefly here about why I believe mentoring is so important. This is just the beginning of this dream, and I know there are many layers and doorways I am unaware of. I am starting to circle that dream by beginning with prayer. I know God will either place me in an organization like Propel that equips and exhorts women, or a church that embraces women in all their modes of calling.


I know if this is a God-given dream, he will make it happen. I don’t doubt that. I’ve seen him use me in small ways and the ripple of effect of those small opportunities. I yearn to be a part of this process, but my desires don’t overcome his purpose for my life. As I go through this season of waiting and pruning, my heart has realigned to want what he wants. May he guide me down the path that is best for his plan. My only fear is to drift away from his voice and go off on my own. I know that would ultimately lead to failure. As I take my steps in line with God’s heart, the strides and heartbeats become a rhythm toward glorifying God in whatever chapter I’m venturing into.

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