If We Could All Be Wonderful

I couldn’t wait to hit the theaters this weekend. That is something I have not said in a long time. I would much rather watch Netflix & chill at home, not to mention save money and my disappointment, but I just had to see Wonder Woman opening weekend. I’ve been waiting for this particular superhero movie to come out since all these Marvel and comic movies started to hit the big screens. I remember in 2008 dialoguing with friends about it, waiting and hoping that they could find the perfect person to fill Lynda Carter’s shoes. It seemed impossible. Gal Gadot not only elegantly channeled the poise and grace of Linda’s 1970s version of Diana, but she emphasized the history and authenticity of the timeless Amazonian woman turned hero.


There were many strands of truth that seamlessly tied together throughout the movie. There was more emphasis on character and heart than on ability and power. Yes, hard work and skill are encouraged and necessary when training to fight against evil, but if your heart, will, mind, and emotions aren’t able, you will fail. Wonder Woman’s fate depends on learning how love is the ultimate power to fuel our souls to face death, destruction, and the darkest of motives. Diana sought out wisdom and asked many questions. She has a desire to learn and fight for truth. Her motives are to save and help the poor and vulnerable, and she could not rest knowing many people are suffering and in need of help. She is sacrificial, willing to give up the comforts of her home in order to save those who were being tortured and killed by the enemy. She was a selfless hero, not willing to take full credit for her accomplishments, but included her newly adopted teammates in their successes.


The theme that stuck out the most of me was the ability of good and evil to be inside of all people. Diana was enraged to find out people chose to do evil, even after she had destroyed a powerful enemy. She thought by eliminating the influencer that war and evil would cease and people could return to their inherent goodness again. During this pivotal moment in the film, her partner Steve told her that all people were capable of evil and good, and some choose the former despite knowing it’s repercussions. Diana remembered her mother’s words of mankind being undeserving of her help. She is angry and wants to leave humanity to it’s own destruction. Steve doesn’t disagree with her, but he assures her that not helping isn’t the right option either. Not fighting back is giving into evil and allowing it to prevail. Wonder Woman realizes that pursuing good in the midst of broken humanity was the best choice, to choose to love instead of hate.

I don’t know about you, but that just hit home for me. Especially these days, I want to give up on the ‘unlovable.’ Those who seem to seek out doing evil instead of contributing to the good for all mankind. I am exhausted in trying to see the best in someone’s choice who’s acted out of hate. I don’t want to give them another chance. I certainly don’t want to sacrifice my time or energy for those who continue to spew out lies, live in fear, and who seem to hurl hurt upon others. What Wonder Woman emulates is the idea to continually fight for love. She decides to believe the best in others no matter their lot in life, to encourage and include even those who seem useless, and to aid all mankind because that is what we are called to do. We all have this capability when fueled by the love of God. We all could use a dose of that kind of wonderful.

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